The manufacturing arm of Ernest Chemists Limited was established and started operation in the year 2001. The plant is located at the Heavy Industrial Area in Tema-one of the industrial cities in Ghana.


The Company shall strive to become one of the ten indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Africa by the year 2025.


  • To provide extensive range of high quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products to satisfy consumer needs
  • To create highly skillful, well-motivated and contended workforce
  • To apply sound business ethics to ensure fairness in the selection and maintenance of diverse grades of customers as well as suppliers


Currently our plant is capable of producing on annual basis and in a single shift the following dosage forms and their quantities as indicated below:

  • Capsules - 80 million units
  • Liquids    - 6 million units
  • Powders - 23 million units
  • Tablets   - 500 million units

These products fall in the range of Analgesics, Antimalarial Drugs, Antibacterial Drugs, Vitamins and Minerals, Sedatives and Hypnotics, Anti-Protozoal Drugs, Oral Rehydration Salts, Antacids, Anti-Hypertensives and Diuretics.

When aggregated, Ernest Chemists Limited - Manufacturing presents about One Hundred and Fifty different Finished Pharmaceutical Products for the Ghanaian and the West African markets.

The company has initiated an investment program to build a completely new and fully GMP-compliant facility to complement its current output generation effort. This facility upon completion shall increase output generation by about 300 percent.


We shall:

  • Produce safe, efficacious and affordable pharmaceuticals delivered as per agreed quality, agreed quantity and agreed time.
  • Satisfy regulatory, statuary  and current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements
  • Recruit qualified and experienced personnel and continuously develop their competence
  • Establish and implement quality objectives at all levels of the organization
  • Institute and maintain a company-wide quality culture